go carbon neutral

You can inexpensively eliminate your contribution to global warming.  You can be carbon neutral by making an annual contribution to a carbon offset program, which funds high quality greenhouse gas offset projects.

Go to CarbonCounter.org , e-bluehorizons.com or  CarbonFund.org  (choose the wind energy option), fill in the form with your energy use and sign up for a monthly (usually less than $25 per month) contribution from your credit card to fund measures that will neutralize your carbon output.

Other ways you can help reduce pollution and global warming include:

Conserve energy in your home and business.

Stay informed on clean energy topics by joining the  Union of Concerned Scientists EnergyNet email mailing list.

• What is Green Power?

Green power is electricity produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Sources of green power include the sun, wind, and water, which are pollution free and natural.

• Why should I sign up for Green Power?

Electricity made from fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, pollutes our air and causes health problems and global warming. By signing up for green power you help protect the environment for us and for our children. Almost 60% of US electricity is generated by coal (20% for California), and emissions from coal burning are a primary cause of global warming and air pollution.

• How do I sign up for Green Power?

If you live in the city of Los Angeles or your electricity currently comes from LA DWP, click here to sign up for Green Power, or call 800-GREEN LA (800- 473-3652.)

If you live outside the city of Los Angeles, check with your local utility company to find out if green power is available.