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Don't add to global warming, be CARBON NEUTRAL!

You can become carbon neutral by going to and making a monthly contribution to carbon dioxide offset projects.

How Serious is Global Warming?

The facts are clear. 

          1.  Our consumption of dirty fossil fuels, like coal and oil, causes gases such as carbon dioxide to accumulate in the earth’s atmosphere.

          2. This is creating a “greenhouse” effect, raising the temperature of the planet, causing extreme weather, spreading infectious diseases, raising the sea level, and increasing extinctions of entire species. 

          3.  Unless we begin a substantial shift now from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, the consequences could be catastrophic. 

Can I really make a difference?

Only you can make a difference.  Our political and business leaders are not leading.  Major environmental problems are solved because the public stands up and demands it.  First, make your own lifestyle more energy efficient.  Then demand Clean Energy Now, from your city council to the White House.  Here are some other easy things you can do in your own life to reduce global warming and fight air pollution.

1. Turn on to Green Power

If you live in the City of Los Angeles, any home or business can request electricity from non-polluting renewable sources like solar and wind power.
   Go to or call 800-GREEN LA (800-473-3652) or check the Green Power box on your electric bill.

2. Be energy efficient around the house

Using compact fluorescent light bulbs is only one of many things you can do around the house to save energy, reduce global warming and clean the air.
  Turn out the lights when you leave a room.  Put an insulation blanket around your water heater (available at your hardware store).  And when you buy new appliances look for the “Energy Star” seal and efficiency rating. 

3. Curb your car, every now and then

Cars are the largest source of air pollution and global warming gases in Los Angeles.  So, use a bus, take a bike, or walk, whenever you can.  Carpool to work with a friend.  And when you buy a new car, get one with high gas mileage and low smog emissions.  When you are going to run errands, reduce driving by combining trips.  And keep your tires properly inflated and your car tuned for the best gas mileage.

4. Recycling is not enough

In addition to recycling, we need to think about what we buy before we buy it.  So buy toilet paper, paper towels, and other products made from post-consumer recycled materials, and buy organically grown food (food grown without toxic pesticides) like organic milk, produce, eggs, and pasta sauce. And don’t buy stuff you don’t really need.  After all, almost everything takes raw materials and energy to produce, and causes some pollution. So save your money, and leave enough for our children and their children and theirs....

5. Want to do more?

Go to the following websites for more info:

      Sierra Club

      Environment California

      Earth Day Network

      Environmental Defense

      Global Green USA

      Heal the Bay

      Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (NRDC)